Our facilities included:

Wet Chemical Laboratory.

-Equipped with fume-hood for solution based chemistry.

-Centrifuge: purification and isolation of materials.

-Horn Tip sonicator: Dispersing nanomaterials.

-Ultrasonic bath: small scale agitation.

-Glass manifold in fume-hood for Schlenk line work.

Graphene Fabrication Laboratory.

-3 Custom-built CVD appartus. (with scroll pump)

1: 1 inch work tube 2: 10 inch work tube 3: Inorganic 2D crystal synthesis (MoS2, WS2, BN etc)

- Furnaces for heat treatment of materials.

- Fume-hood for graphene transfer to arbitrary substrates.

Characterization Laboratory.

- Custom built DC probe station (4-tips, under optical microscope.

- Cascade Summit Probe Station, with high frequency AC capabilities.

- Vibrating sample magnetometer.