Mr Martin Tweedie

DPhil Student

Martin completed his Undergraduate degree with a MEng. in Materials Science at the University of Oxford. His Masters project focussed on fabricating sensor technology from large area synthetic graphene. In his DPhil, he is studying the fabrication and characterisation of flexible & transparent electronic devices from insulating, semiconducting, and metallic 2D materials.

Department of Materials
University of Oxford
16 Parks Road
Oxford OX1 3PH
Tel: +44 7545142892


S. Sarwat, M. Tweedie, B. F. Porter, Y. Zhou, Y. Sheng, J. A. Mol, J. H. Warner, and H. Bhaskaran, Revealing Strain Induced Effects in Ultrathin Heterostructures at the Nanoscale, Nano Letters (2018)

H. Tan, W. Xu, Y. Sheng, Y. Fan, Q. Chen, M. Tweedie, X. Wang, Y. Zhou, and J. H. Warner, Lateral Graphene Contacted Vertically Stacked WS2/MoS2 Hybrid Photodetectors with Large Gain, Advanced Materials, 1702917 (2017)

Y. Fan, A. Robertson, X-W. Zhang, M. Tweedie, Y. Zhou, M. Rummeli, H. Zheng, and J. H. Warner, Negative Electro-Conductance in Suspended 2D WS2 Nanoscale Devices, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 8, 32963-32970 (2016)