Qianyang Zhang

St Cross College

PhD Student

Department of Materials
University of Oxford
16 Parks Road
Oxford OX1 3PH

Email: qianyang.zhang@materials.ox.ac.uk

Qianyang completed her Bachelor's degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Central South University, China. She then finished her M.Sc. degree in Advanced Materials Science and Engineering in Imperial College London.

Research Area: 2D electronic/opto-electronic devices.


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1. Hefu Huang, Wenshuo Xu, Tongxin Chen, Ren-Jie Chang, Yuewen Sheng, Qianyang Zhang, Linlin Hou, and Jamie H. Warner, "High-Performance Two-Dimensional Schottky Diodes Utilizing Chemical Vapour Deposition-Grown Graphene−MoS2 Heterojunctions", ACS Appl.Mater.Interfaces, 2018,10,43,37258-37266.